Piggy by Serena

I made a classic Victoria sponge recipe (without the Rose water) in two cake tins, though I should have used a hemisphere cake tin for the top half to make it more rounded ! Then I made lots of buttercream with a touch of ground vanilla bean. To make fondant icing I sifted 1 kilo of pure icing sugar and used 500g of white marshmallows in a large bowl, melted them slightly in microwave for 1 -2 mins with 1 tablespoon of water and about 1 tablespoon of Beetroot juice (from a packet of cooked beets in veg section of supermarket) (moderate Salicylates) and then I mixed in all the icing sugar, but kept at least 1 cup for rolling – this was the very tough bit. The recipe I used says to refrigerate the fondant the night before using and then get it out of the fridge a few hours before using to get it back to room temp. I used buttercream in the middle of the cake and smeared it around the top to hold the fondant in place. I used choc icing (very high amines) for the eyes as I couldn’t find anything else but these can be easily pulled off with the icing piece for the eye base when you are cutting. You can also use pear jam in the middle for extra taste and texture. It was very nice with pear jam when I made another cake with leftover fondant. For the muddy part I used carob powder with remaining buttercream which didn’t achieve the desired muddy colour I was going for but worked ok.

Shards by Sharyn


I made a Magic Bean Carob Cake in an 18 cm cake tin with a removable base lined with baking paper. One mix is too much. I just 2/3 filled the tin & baked the leftover mix in cupcake tins so it wasn’t wasted.
I then put the cake, once cooled, on a round cake board, covered it with glad wrap & put it in the freezer.
I then made honeycomb ice cream by letting Peters Original Vanillla ice-cream melt at room temperature, just enough to be able to mix through crushed up honeycomb. Then I poured it into the cake tin which was lined (bottom & sides) with baking paper. I covered with glad wrap & froze.
I used another lined tin & melted & poured in vanilla ice cream, covered in glad wrap & froze. The tins I used held 1 litre of ice cream each. (I measured the volume using a jug of water).
I left the cake & ice cream to freeze overnight.
The next day, I assembled the cake just before serving by having chocolate shards, laminated “Happy Birthday” sign, melted carob (1/2 large block of carob) in a bowl in the microwave & crushed up honeycomb all ready.
I then took the honeycomb ice-cream out of the tin, peeled off the paper & put it on the cake, then I did the same with the vanilla ice cream. I ran a warmed knife (run under hot water & then dry) around the edge of the ice cream layers to smooth them & then pushed the chocolate shards into the top of the cake, put the sign on the cake leaning against the shards, sprinkled the honeycomb over the cake & then drizzled carob over the top. The cake was then ready to serve.

For the shards…

I melted half a packet of Nestle white melts by putting them in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water making sure the water didn’t touch the bowl & stirring when needed until the white melts were smooth. Then I poured the chocolate onto a baking tray, lined with baking paper & spread out until it was thin. I allowed the white chocolate to set at room temperature, then refrigerated. I cut the chocolate into shards & pushed them into the top of the ice cream cake.

Makka Pakka by Stacie

Aubree's Birthday Party 157

We made a simple vanilla butter cake from the Women’s Weekly “Mix” book substituting for failsafe and dairy-free ingredients where applicable (Nuttlex, rice milk, Queens vanilla).
We made two cakes then googled a picture of Makka Pakka, printed it and enlarged it to the size we wanted then cut the cakes from this outline and sandwiched together with icing.
We iced it with a simple buttercream (using nuttlex and pure icing sugar) with about 14g of carob powder mixed in.
For the head we used bought (not failsafe) fondant from Woolworths and coloured with carob powder.
For the lightest colour we kneaded a little carob powder into the fondant. For the second darkest colour we just rolled the fondant ball in carob powder and for the darkest we rolled a ball in a little wet carob powder and also did the same with the shape for his mouth.
All balls set in the fridge before we skewered to the cake.
For the eyes we used flattened balls and then put a little craft eye on each.
The little sponge was also made with the bought fondant and food colouring.

Building Site by Karissa


“The recipe is the carob cake on Cooking for Oscar website. The toys were $5 at Big W.
I made two cakes and sandwiched them with buttercream and crumbled one side of cake, covering the remainder with buttercream, toys and honeycomb.”

Also on this site: Building Site Bulldozer Cake by Tash

Minecraft block by Kate

12227169_10154303775411258_7500411818142341617_n“Green colour is chlorophyll in Hoppers’ colouring, black is activated charcoal, brown is carob. Fondant is a marshmallow fondant made in the Thermomix with salted buttercream underneath. The cake itself is a double layered vanilla magic bean cake.

For the squares, I rolled out the coloured fondant on baking parchment with a bunch of cornflour to stop it sticking and then just sliced it into rows and squares with a pizza cutter.

Instructions for how to make Marshmallow Fondant both in a Thermomix or on the stove-top can be found at Domestic Diva’s blog.

Recipe for Magic Bean chocolate cake is here; just substitute kidney beans with cannelini or butter beans and the carob with rice flour and add equiv 1 vanilla bean.

I suspect the cake was  greener than this picture suggests.

frillypants x

Lightning McQueen by Chanel


Don’t freak out!  Don’t be scared off by this one.  The bar has not been raised too high.  Chanel was inspired by a cake by Luna Cakes by Design and has used FABRIC and SCULPTING CLAY for the detail.  Clever! Here are Chanel’s instructions:
“This is two cakes,  joined with butter cream.  I used fabric for the black and white check and red ribbon round the bottom. Then I used modelling clay for the badge. I figured we wouldn’t need to eat that anyway, so this way he could keep it.  It wasn’t too tricky. I just secured the ends of the ribbon and fabric with pins (remove before eating!!) I made the logo name out of Sculpy Modelling Clay. I baked it on the outside of the empty cake tin standing up in the oven so that it would have the same curve as the cake. I used scrunched up foil to make sure the tin didn’t roll in the oven. I secured it with double-sided tape onto the fabric and a couple of pins at the bottom to support the weight.

I used Domestic Diva’s Marshmallow Fondant recipe. (I didn’t have time to follow the extra link she’d posted for extra tips on working with marshmallow fondant and found out after I’d struggled with it that you can knead water into it if it’s a bit dry. Lucky I was covering the sides of the cake in fabric!)”

Superhero Cupcakes by Amy

Superhero Cupcakes by Amy “I made vanilla cupcakes, iced with just regular white icing. I made the toppers out of fondant that I made with white pascal marshmallows and pure icing sugar (Thermomix recipe) and used hopper brand colours. Also hopper sprinkles. They were a big hit and the fondant tastes so much nicer than store bought.”

Teddy Bear by Stephanie


“FS, GF, almost DF teddy bear 2nd birthday cake turned out even better than I had hoped!

It’s a magic bean carob cake, with plain and carob ‘buttercream’ (with nuttelex) icing. The only dairy is in the white choc buttons (ears and claws) which can easily be avoided by DP and I who are DF as well.”

The recipe for the FAILSAFE version of Magic Bean Carob Cake is at:  Real Failsafe Meals.

Minion Cupcakes by Tash

Toppers bought on eBay... take them off for your FAILSAFE kids.
Toppers bought on eBay… take them off for your FAILSAFE kids.

“…It’s just normal cupcakes (cause gluten, dairy, egg, nut free, failsafe and fodmap friendly, it’s best to go cupcakes ha!!) most have butter cream icing, some have nuttelex cream icing, the toppers are from a lovely lady on eBay, I’m afraid I went the easy route this year, BUT, when you are used to failsafe cooking, those kind of short cuts are well loved.”