FAILSAFE (or close) Decorated Cakes — Home-made decorated cakes, with low salicylate, amine and glutamate, and no bad additives.

Minion by frillypants

Minion by frillypants

Here is the cake decoration disaster…. SAVED!!  And another example of decorations not needing to be made of only icing!  So glad I was making this cake the night before the party… or I might have had major conniptions.  But,  the result was as good as I could expect from an amateur like me.  I was really, really pleased with my Minion…  what a shame no-one else cared.  ha ha ha!!  Which leads me to ask…. why do I bother???  I have no idea.

So… the first problem was NO BLUE!!!  I knew I had some natural blue colouring in the pantry… nota  clue where that went.  Maybe I imagined it.  Who knows?  But the solution was to make the Minion’s overalls or dungarees from denim.  Yeah! Actual denim from the sewing scrap bag.  And the goggles are cut out of paper.  The shoes… are a couple of slices of liquorice.  (not additive-free).

It really felt like a disaster when I put the yellow icing of the Minion onto the cake,  peeled back the baking paper and….  it didn’t peel back!  The icing stayed stuck to the paper!!!!  (I think I must have used the wrong icing…. I will confirm and edit later.)

(Yes I used the wrong icing.  I should have used a ‘stiff’ butter icing.  )

The instructions for this icing method are the ‘pinned’ to the top of the blog.  How to ice great cakes.  I got the picture from searching good ol’ google.

Feeling cocky and ready to create a Minion!
Feeling cocky and ready to create a Minion!
Oh.  No.  no, no, no, nooooo
Oh. No. no, no, no, nooooo
Pop those glasses on....  put on some denim pants...
Using a knife, I just scraped the icing off the baking paper and *carefully* spread it onto the cake… knowing I really only needed to make sure the outside edges were good and the rest would be covered. Pop those glasses on…. put on some denim pants…
*gasp*  Better than I could ever have hoped for!
*gasp* Better than I could ever have hoped for!

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