FAILSAFE (or close) Decorated Cakes — Home-made decorated cakes, with low salicylate, amine and glutamate, and no bad additives.

Lightning McQueen by Chanel


Don’t freak out!  Don’t be scared off by this one.  The bar has not been raised too high.  Chanel was inspired by a cake by Luna Cakes by Design and has used FABRIC and SCULPTING CLAY for the detail.  Clever! Here are Chanel’s instructions:
“This is two cakes,  joined with butter cream.  I used fabric for the black and white check and red ribbon round the bottom. Then I used modelling clay for the badge. I figured we wouldn’t need to eat that anyway, so this way he could keep it.  It wasn’t too tricky. I just secured the ends of the ribbon and fabric with pins (remove before eating!!) I made the logo name out of Sculpy Modelling Clay. I baked it on the outside of the empty cake tin standing up in the oven so that it would have the same curve as the cake. I used scrunched up foil to make sure the tin didn’t roll in the oven. I secured it with double-sided tape onto the fabric and a couple of pins at the bottom to support the weight.

I used Domestic Diva’s Marshmallow Fondant recipe. (I didn’t have time to follow the extra link she’d posted for extra tips on working with marshmallow fondant and found out after I’d struggled with it that you can knead water into it if it’s a bit dry. Lucky I was covering the sides of the cake in fabric!)”

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