Treasure Chest by Karissa

“Using Best Ever Carob Cake, a basic buttercream with carob powder and lollies from allergy train to decorate.”  This is a classic Australian Woman’s Weekly Cookbook cake.



Kwazii by Ashley


KwazziIt’s my first ‘almost’ failsafe cake and I’m sure there will be lots to come. I’m very keen to master marshmallow fondant. 🙂

My son asked for a Kwazii cake from the Octonauts. The cake was made using the White Wings Angelic Vanilla Cake mix. The icing was vienna cream icing from the Women’s Weekly cookbooks and I used Hopper’s Natural Colours food colouring. The rest of the detail was made with fondant and wasn’t failsafe so I just avoided these parts for my son. I used natural food colouring for everything except the black parts.

Glad to help out others with cake ideas. 🙂