Teddy Bear by Stephanie


“FS, GF, almost DF teddy bear 2nd birthday cake turned out even better than I had hoped!

It’s a magic bean carob cake, with plain and carob ‘buttercream’ (with nuttelex) icing. The only dairy is in the white choc buttons (ears and claws) which can easily be avoided by DP and I who are DF as well.”

The recipe for the FAILSAFE version of Magic Bean Carob Cake is at:  Real Failsafe Meals.


Teddy Bear by Tracy


A plain vanilla cake with butter icing.

The template was a blackline master from an internet search, adjusted to size for a standard round cake tin.

The different colours in the icing are due to different concentrations of cocoa (which could just as easily be carob), firstly spread and then with fur drawn in with a skewer, and then the darker colours piped on.

The eyes are Nestle White Melts, with the darker icing piped on for pupils.

The cake was for a 4yr old girl’s Teddy Bear’s Picnic in the park. She loved it. “