Superhero Cupcakes by Amy

Superhero Cupcakes by Amy “I made vanilla cupcakes, iced with just regular white icing. I made the toppers out of fondant that I made with white pascal marshmallows and pure icing sugar (Thermomix recipe) and used hopper brand colours. Also hopper sprinkles. They were a big hit and the fondant tastes so much nicer than store bought.”

The Hulk by Anna

The Hulk

“The cake is a butter cake, so just flour, sugar, butter, eggs, milk. The icing is butter icing coloured with hopper food colouring and the outlines are coloured with organic carob powder, I also mix in a bit of blue and purple just to darken it up a bit. Lastly I sprinkled some hopper green 100s and 1000s.”