Rainbow Cupcakes by Fiona

Rainbow Cake (FS, DF & GF & SF)
I used mini patty pans AN350 from here ( as the colours were pastel so they’d match the Hoppers food dye colours the best, although for the row of orange ones I just used the normal ones from Coles as they were hidden.
I used royal icing (hint: only colour part of the icing mixture not the entire batch when doing the smaller colours, otherwise you’ll end up having to sift 3 bags of icing sugar and that takes FOREVER!).”


Construction Site by Fiona

“Construction Cake (FS, DF & GF)

Make two square cakes of different sizes (size is only dependant on how big/small you want the cake).
Icing was Vienna Icing (from Failsafe cookbook) with 2tbsp of carob powder.
I premade the cakes and kept them in the freezer, which also helps with icing them.  Place the smaller cake on top of the larger cake (any position is fine but I put it in the corner so we had 2 high walls and 2 smaller walls). Ice the entire cake.  Place rock chocolates (these are not FS) around the cake.  Place the construction vehicles on the cake.  The ‘sand’ is a couple of Mrs Cattle’s biscuits (from Failsafe cookbook) crushed up.  I just took the rocks off before I cut and served the cake (many people thought I had collected and cleaned real rocks).”