Rainbow Cupcakes by Kristina

Gluten-free Rainbow Cupcakes
Gluten-free Rainbow Cupcakes











“My 4 year old requested a rainbow theme birthday party which, pre-failsafe, would have been an absolute riot of colours and preservatives. In an attempt to make his “cake” exciting this is what we came up with: 90 mini cupcakes using the gluten-free recipe on page 242 of the Fed Up Cookbook with Italian meringue for icing.”

The recipe for the Meringue Icing can be found at:  http://www.ochef.com/r345.htm

What I also love about this is that all the components, including the cup cakes,  can be made in the weeks and days earlier and the construction should then only take a relatively short time on the day.  It can be a team effort with piping and flags being done together. ~frillypants

Rainbow Cupcakes by Fiona

Rainbow Cake (FS, DF & GF & SF)
I used mini patty pans AN350 from here (http://www.foxrun.com.au/Products/Cake_Decoration.aspx) as the colours were pastel so they’d match the Hoppers food dye colours the best, although for the row of orange ones I just used the normal ones from Coles as they were hidden.
I used royal icing (hint: only colour part of the icing mixture not the entire batch when doing the smaller colours, otherwise you’ll end up having to sift 3 bags of icing sugar and that takes FOREVER!).”