Dolly Varden Barbie by Prue


 “Doll was purchased from Target. Her wings and dress were removed and her torso was wrapped in cling wrap
I made a butter cake in a pudding tin and a round cake
These were joined with buttercream icing and using an apple corer I cut a couple of hole down the centre to fit barbie in.
I applies a crumb coat of buttercream icing over the whole cake, then using a Wilston star tip I piped the rosettes on.
The icing was coloured with Hopper’s pink and Queens natural pink colour.
The flowers and glitter sprinkles on the barbie cake board are Coles Brand – no artificial colours”

Heart, Fairies and a Butterfly by Julie W

This cake uses cochineal in the pink icing. Silver cachous don’t seem to have anything troublesome in them. Found this pretty butterfly candle, Queen’s writing icings are made with natural colours. The icing fairies aren’t failsafe – could use little figurines instead of edible ones. Can you tell I have a girly-girl?