Shards by Sharyn


I made a Magic Bean Carob Cake in an 18 cm cake tin with a removable base lined with baking paper. One mix is too much. I just 2/3 filled the tin & baked the leftover mix in cupcake tins so it wasn’t wasted.
I then put the cake, once cooled, on a round cake board, covered it with glad wrap & put it in the freezer.
I then made honeycomb ice cream by letting Peters Original Vanillla ice-cream melt at room temperature, just enough to be able to mix through crushed up honeycomb. Then I poured it into the cake tin which was lined (bottom & sides) with baking paper. I covered with glad wrap & froze.
I used another lined tin & melted & poured in vanilla ice cream, covered in glad wrap & froze. The tins I used held 1 litre of ice cream each. (I measured the volume using a jug of water).
I left the cake & ice cream to freeze overnight.
The next day, I assembled the cake just before serving by having chocolate shards, laminated “Happy Birthday” sign, melted carob (1/2 large block of carob) in a bowl in the microwave & crushed up honeycomb all ready.
I then took the honeycomb ice-cream out of the tin, peeled off the paper & put it on the cake, then I did the same with the vanilla ice cream. I ran a warmed knife (run under hot water & then dry) around the edge of the ice cream layers to smooth them & then pushed the chocolate shards into the top of the cake, put the sign on the cake leaning against the shards, sprinkled the honeycomb over the cake & then drizzled carob over the top. The cake was then ready to serve.

For the shards…

I melted half a packet of Nestle white melts by putting them in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water making sure the water didn’t touch the bowl & stirring when needed until the white melts were smooth. Then I poured the chocolate onto a baking tray, lined with baking paper & spread out until it was thin. I allowed the white chocolate to set at room temperature, then refrigerated. I cut the chocolate into shards & pushed them into the top of the ice cream cake.

Moon Landing by Belinda



Peter’s Vanilla ice cream


White marshmallows

5-6 Sao Biscuits

2-3 Milk arrowroot Biscuits

3 Tbs butter

3 tbs Marshmallow Fluff


Choose a rounded bowl (one that is 2L or more capacity) and line with glad wrap

Take out ½ ice cream and put in a mixing bowl until just soft.

Crush up honeycomb and add to ice cream

Stir through ice cream, put in lined bowl and freeze

While first layer is in freezer get second ½ ice cream and put in mixing bowl to soften

Cut up white marshmallows and then stir through ice cream

Take out first layer, add second layer and put back into freezer

Crush (or use food processor) biscuits, add softened butter and fluff and combine rubbing it together with your hands.

Take out ice cream cake and put biscuit crumb on.  Spread with the back of a spoon and press down firmly.

Cover base with glad wrap and put back into freezer until it is solid.

It is best to make this 24 hours ahead of time so that it is solid when serving.  Otherwise it can melt too quickly.


We used lego and hot wheels moon buggy to decorate (My son had a great time making the bits to go on top)

Use a spoon to hollow out a few craters. I also put some silver balls on top to give it some sparkle.”