Frog Prince by frillypants

Frog PrinceFrog Prince?  The party was held at a ‘Fairy tales’  theme park. The picture I did free-hand.  At the time I used a BAD Writing Icing tube of black,  but you can use charcoal for additive-free piping.  (Check the Barbie cake by Rona on Domestic Diva Unleashed to see FABULOUS deep black icing; bad-additive-free!)  The rest of the colours I got by lots of fun experimenting with cabbage!!!  See the DIY Colours by Lesley post for full instructions.


Castle by Patricia

All failsafe ingredients.
The frosting was butter cream, again all failsafe ingredients.
The green grass was coloured with Hoppers food coloring.
I wanted to put vines and flowers but ran out of time so I put little butterflies on the cake. Admittedly the pink crystals and butterflies aren’t failsafe