Dolly Varden by Aaron

Dolly Varden











“(Pink marshmallows not fs) Gluten-free, dairy-free, fs cake and icing. Could easily use only white marshmallows and add pink, purple or silver with ribbon/lace/etc”

Dolly Varden Barbie by Prue


 “Doll was purchased from Target. Her wings and dress were removed and her torso was wrapped in cling wrap
I made a butter cake in a pudding tin and a round cake
These were joined with buttercream icing and using an apple corer I cut a couple of hole down the centre to fit barbie in.
I applies a crumb coat of buttercream icing over the whole cake, then using a Wilston star tip I piped the rosettes on.
The icing was coloured with Hopper’s pink and Queens natural pink colour.
The flowers and glitter sprinkles on the barbie cake board are Coles Brand – no artificial colours”