Ankylosaurus by Kim

“It is just a round cake. I cut it so there was a 10cm wide strip in the middle, leaving two semi-circle edges as per picture.  The back is the 2 semi-circles standing up, then the other bits were cut out of the 7cm strip (head, tail/club, 4 legs).  Our favourite birthday cake is a white chocolate mudcake (using Nestle Milkybar block) with cream cheese frosting.  There is 2 dark chocolate eyes and a commercial lolly teeth (natural colours).  These could be done with carob icing and red-cabbage coloured icing.  The horns are made from marshmallow fondant.  (With my technical dinosaur-lover, I needed to have the right number of horns).”


Stegosaurus by Sonia

stegosaurus small 1 stegosaurus small

“Completely FS except for the chocolate which could easily be carob instead.

Chocolate Stegosaurus Cake.

Royal icing – coloured using spinach juice
Shredded wheat around the base
Candied puffed grains as garnish along the spine
Chocolate for the eyes and nose
Biscuit as the spikes on his back”
dinosaur template

Dinosaur by Kerry

This  was made for my son’s 4th Dinosaur party this year. The design is loosely based  on the Betty Crocker cake (
I baked 2 basic round butter cakes and cut one cake in half and stood them on the board round side up, sandwiched together with some icing. I used the Betty Crocker template ( for the head and tail, but stood the head upright and used  skewers to secure it into the main cakes.
The icing is basic butter icing with Hoppers green colouring. The large spots are Nestlé white melts and the small dots are the Nestlé white choc chips. The face detail was done with a regular icing writing pen, but discarded before the cake was served.

Dinosaur Cake by Sandra’s mum

“The cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate icing (but could easily be any cake with carob).  To decorate she used plastic dinosaurs and trees, which were held in place with some green icing that wasn’t eaten.  The platter she used had a blue and green pattern that just happened to suit the theme.  And to add a bit of colour some naturally coloured Smarties and Allen’s Freckles (amines and some salicylates in the colours).”