Paw Patrol by Leanne



A GF, DF and almost FS birthday cake for my son’s party today. (*almost* because of the blue colour—frillypants x)
It’s a woolies GF vanilla cake iced with vanilla nuttelex buttercream. The colour is Hoppers blue.
Cookies on top are Butterscotch biscuits from Fed Up Cookbook (extra flour needed to make them rollable), covered in Marshmallow fondant by Domestic Diva Unleashed also coloured with Hoppers.
Non FS bits are the alternating layers inside are GF chocolate cake and the “rocks” in Rubble’s digger are Enjoy Life chocolate mega chunks (can’t really see them from this angle).

Here’s the link to Domestic Diva Unleashed’s Marshmallow Fondant. (scroll down to the fondant recipe.)

Makka Pakka by Stacie

Aubree's Birthday Party 157

We made a simple vanilla butter cake from the Women’s Weekly “Mix” book substituting for failsafe and dairy-free ingredients where applicable (Nuttlex, rice milk, Queens vanilla).
We made two cakes then googled a picture of Makka Pakka, printed it and enlarged it to the size we wanted then cut the cakes from this outline and sandwiched together with icing.
We iced it with a simple buttercream (using nuttlex and pure icing sugar) with about 14g of carob powder mixed in.
For the head we used bought (not failsafe) fondant from Woolworths and coloured with carob powder.
For the lightest colour we kneaded a little carob powder into the fondant. For the second darkest colour we just rolled the fondant ball in carob powder and for the darkest we rolled a ball in a little wet carob powder and also did the same with the shape for his mouth.
All balls set in the fridge before we skewered to the cake.
For the eyes we used flattened balls and then put a little craft eye on each.
The little sponge was also made with the bought fondant and food colouring.

Frozen by Anne

frozenAnother creation using Hopper’s colouring, you can see how it’s the non-food items that really make this work.  Well,  that and Anne’s piping skills.
This doll was a cheapie and has had her legs broken off.  (Don’t do this in front of the kids if you don’t want them to have birthday-cake-related trauma!!)

Why has it taken this long to get a Frozen cake???

frillypants x

Teddy Bear by Stephanie


“FS, GF, almost DF teddy bear 2nd birthday cake turned out even better than I had hoped!

It’s a magic bean carob cake, with plain and carob ‘buttercream’ (with nuttelex) icing. The only dairy is in the white choc buttons (ears and claws) which can easily be avoided by DP and I who are DF as well.”

The recipe for the FAILSAFE version of Magic Bean Carob Cake is at:  Real Failsafe Meals.

Baby Cake by Cally

Baby Cake

“My daughter wanted a baby cake so I adapted one out of the Women’s Weekly birthday cake cookbook.  I made my own gluten and dairy free loaf cake.  I made a dairy free icing and coloured it with a strawberry syrup which I made, as we are ok with salicylates.  But you could use Hoppers pink or I think it would even look fine with white icing.  Then I decorated it with a baby, lace, ribbons, pipe cleaners and material.”

Recipe is in the comments.  😀

Aircraft Carrier by Cally

Aircraft carrier

“I made two square gluten- and dairy-free, caramel mud cakes and joined them together.  I then cut out the shape and iced with grey icing.  I made the grey out of Hopper’s blue food colouring and a bit of carob powder.  The track was made out of white musk sticks from Allergy Train and the numbers I made in a chocolate mould out of Nestle White Chocolate melts.  I then put Bravo and Echo from the Planes movie on top.”

Angry Birds by Mel




“Dairy free and failsafe apart from cocoa in icing (could sub with carob powder).

I just use a standard Butter Cake recipe, but substitute with Nuttlex and Rice milk.

It was 2 mini spring-form pans (both for $11 at Kmart) and the tower is cake pops with the top and base cut off, stacked with toothpicks to hold them together and the angry birds is a game set that was on clearance at Kmart ‘glued’ together with more icing. I covered a flat canvas from a cheapie shop with contact I already had here, covered all the cake with tonnes of icing and voila!”


Another FAILSAFER noted “For the tower you could also cook a flat cake and then cut out circles with a scone cutter and ‘glue’ them together, if you don’t have the pop-cake tray.”  Good thinking, I thought.