Superhero Cupcakes by Amy

Superhero Cupcakes by Amy “I made vanilla cupcakes, iced with just regular white icing. I made the toppers out of fondant that I made with white pascal marshmallows and pure icing sugar (Thermomix recipe) and used hopper brand colours. Also hopper sprinkles. They were a big hit and the fondant tastes so much nicer than store bought.”

Minion Cupcakes by Tash

Toppers bought on eBay... take them off for your FAILSAFE kids.
Toppers bought on eBay… take them off for your FAILSAFE kids.

“…It’s just normal cupcakes (cause gluten, dairy, egg, nut free, failsafe and fodmap friendly, it’s best to go cupcakes ha!!) most have butter cream icing, some have nuttelex cream icing, the toppers are from a lovely lady on eBay, I’m afraid I went the easy route this year, BUT, when you are used to failsafe cooking, those kind of short cuts are well loved.”

Rainbow Cupcakes by Kristina

Gluten-free Rainbow Cupcakes
Gluten-free Rainbow Cupcakes











“My 4 year old requested a rainbow theme birthday party which, pre-failsafe, would have been an absolute riot of colours and preservatives. In an attempt to make his “cake” exciting this is what we came up with: 90 mini cupcakes using the gluten-free recipe on page 242 of the Fed Up Cookbook with Italian meringue for icing.”

The recipe for the Meringue Icing can be found at:

What I also love about this is that all the components, including the cup cakes,  can be made in the weeks and days earlier and the construction should then only take a relatively short time on the day.  It can be a team effort with piping and flags being done together. ~frillypants

Butterfly Cupcakes by Tracy

“‘Near’ failsafe.

The cake and butter icing contain cocoa (amines), but carob could be used instead.

White choc bits were used for the body (amines), but white melts could also be used to shape a body.

White melts were melted and piped onto baking paper to make 5.5cm diameter circles. Nemar naturally coloured sprinkles (some salicylates) were then sprinkled onto each circle, and they were placed in the fridge to set.

Just prior to assembly, the sprinkled circles were taken out of the fridge to be cut into quarters – they really needed to sit for a few minutes to be easier to cut without cracking, but they still worked well even after splitting.

2 short strips of shredded coconut were used for antennae (salicylates, amines and sulphur dioxide).

*Based on the Dragonfly cupcakes in the Women’s Weekly Cool Cupcakes book.


Flower Cupcakes by Tracy

“…any cake as a base.

Vanilla butter frosting spread over the top.

Colour sugar with drops of natural colours:

–          Yellow from saffron.

–          Purple from red cabbage juice.

–          Pink from red cabbage juice with citric acid.

–          Blue from red cabbage juice with sodium bicarbonate.


Cut white marshmallows in half, and dip sticky side in the coloured sugar.

Pinch one end of the half marshmallow to make a petal shape.

Arrange 5 sugared marshmallow halves on each iced cupcake.

For an extra touch, you could match the sugar colour with the patty papers.

*Based on Frangipani Rosewater Cakes in the Women’s Weekly Cool Cupcakes book.”


Rainbow Cupcakes by Fiona

Rainbow Cake (FS, DF & GF & SF)
I used mini patty pans AN350 from here ( as the colours were pastel so they’d match the Hoppers food dye colours the best, although for the row of orange ones I just used the normal ones from Coles as they were hidden.
I used royal icing (hint: only colour part of the icing mixture not the entire batch when doing the smaller colours, otherwise you’ll end up having to sift 3 bags of icing sugar and that takes FOREVER!).”