Frog Prince by frillypants

Frog PrinceFrog Prince?  The party was held at a ‘Fairy tales’  theme park. The picture I did free-hand.  At the time I used a BAD Writing Icing tube of black,  but you can use charcoal for additive-free piping.  (Check the Barbie cake by Rona on Domestic Diva Unleashed to see FABULOUS deep black icing; bad-additive-free!)  The rest of the colours I got by lots of fun experimenting with cabbage!!!  See the DIY Colours by Lesley post for full instructions.



DIY FAILSAFE Coloured Icing by Lesley

“I like to be prepared and experiment at the same time, so I have been doing some testing of failsafe colours you can make yourself, with a red cabbage.  I wanted to know what was possible, easily, with stuff you would probably have on hand immediately as a failsafer.

I have used all these colours to ice the back of a Yummy Biscuits (recipe Fedup website) – see photo – by adding each to icing sugar.

PINK: cabbage juice + citric acid

BLUE/GREEN: cabbage juice + bicarb soda (the colour becomes greener as you add more bicarb, but it affects the taste)

PURPLE: cabbage juice alone

YELLOW: icing sugar + egg yolk

“INTERESTING” grey/brown colour: cabbage juice + egg yolk (made in error actually)

To make cabbage juice:  boil approx. 2 cups of chopped red cabbage in a medium saucepan of water for about 20 minutes.  Remove from heat and strain the liquid, discarding the cabbage.  Allow to cool.  Add the above as required.

NOTE: add each ingredient gradually until the desired colour is reached.  You can always add more, you can’t take some out.

Hope this proves helpful to some.”