Angry Birds by Sarah

angrybirds“The icing is coloured with carob powder and decorated with Hoppers sprinkles and FAILSAFE lollies… and the birds are out of a game purchased at Kmart.”

Angry Birds by Mel




“Dairy free and failsafe apart from cocoa in icing (could sub with carob powder).

I just use a standard Butter Cake recipe, but substitute with Nuttlex and Rice milk.

It was 2 mini spring-form pans (both for $11 at Kmart) and the tower is cake pops with the top and base cut off, stacked with toothpicks to hold them together and the angry birds is a game set that was on clearance at Kmart ‘glued’ together with more icing. I covered a flat canvas from a cheapie shop with contact I already had here, covered all the cake with tonnes of icing and voila!”


Another FAILSAFER noted “For the tower you could also cook a flat cake and then cut out circles with a scone cutter and ‘glue’ them together, if you don’t have the pop-cake tray.”  Good thinking, I thought.


Angry Birds by Michele

“I made this Angry Birds cake for DS 6th on the weekend, hubby did most of the work as he built the structure 🙂  it’s made of white musk sticks from Allergy Train glued together with white choc melts. Butter icing coloured with green Hopper colors and plastic angry bird figurines. Licorice slingshot and nest tops not failsafe but my kids don’t like that anyway.”

“… these ones are less failsafe due to the decorations. Angry Bird ‘cake pops’ made in the cake pop moulds from plain cake recipe, dipped in white choc melts. Natural flavoured orange lollie break, face drawn with Queen natural colouring but that does have preservatives in it, my kids just wiped it off as it’s not hard and the chocolate melts are. Licorice on top and tail again not fs but easy to pick off as my kids do anyway! I’m sure it would be possible to make these closer to fs I just ran out of time…”