Giraffe by frillypants

GiraffeWhy a Giraffe?  Because this birthday was celebrated at an Open Range Zoo!  I chose a picture from good old Google and used that to get the general outline of the giraffe,  using a toothpick to just ‘sketch’ on the iced cake.  I paid particular attention to getting the eye-placement right… otherwise it could have looked ridiculous.  The outline is done freehand (following the toothpick ‘sketch’) with a tube of BAD ‘Writing Icing’… (but no kids actually ate that in the end… grown ups have to fend for themselves.)  The black dots creating the shading etc are … poppy seeds!  And the giraffe’s brown spots are toffee shards.  I achieved this by just heating white sugar under a grill, on a lined tray, until it darkened and melted.  When it was cool, I broke it into rough pieces,