Paw Patrol by Leanne



A GF, DF and almost FS birthday cake for my son’s party today. (*almost* because of the blue colour—frillypants x)
It’s a woolies GF vanilla cake iced with vanilla nuttelex buttercream. The colour is Hoppers blue.
Cookies on top are Butterscotch biscuits from Fed Up Cookbook (extra flour needed to make them rollable), covered in Marshmallow fondant by Domestic Diva Unleashed also coloured with Hoppers.
Non FS bits are the alternating layers inside are GF chocolate cake and the “rocks” in Rubble’s digger are Enjoy Life chocolate mega chunks (can’t really see them from this angle).

Here’s the link to Domestic Diva Unleashed’s Marshmallow Fondant. (scroll down to the fondant recipe.)

Princess by Kristy


I just used the Fete Cake (from the Fed Up Cookbook), in a pudding tin, double mixture. For the icing it was from Cooking For Oscar – Maple Icing. Then to decorate, just piped the icing on and then decorated with plastic jewels and flowers (“snowflakes”!) from spotlight. Before I piped the flowers on, I did a light crumb coat of icing.”

Frozen by Anne

frozenAnother creation using Hopper’s colouring, you can see how it’s the non-food items that really make this work.  Well,  that and Anne’s piping skills.
This doll was a cheapie and has had her legs broken off.  (Don’t do this in front of the kids if you don’t want them to have birthday-cake-related trauma!!)

Why has it taken this long to get a Frozen cake???

frillypants x

Minecraft block by Kate

12227169_10154303775411258_7500411818142341617_n“Green colour is chlorophyll in Hoppers’ colouring, black is activated charcoal, brown is carob. Fondant is a marshmallow fondant made in the Thermomix with salted buttercream underneath. The cake itself is a double layered vanilla magic bean cake.

For the squares, I rolled out the coloured fondant on baking parchment with a bunch of cornflour to stop it sticking and then just sliced it into rows and squares with a pizza cutter.

Instructions for how to make Marshmallow Fondant both in a Thermomix or on the stove-top can be found at Domestic Diva’s blog.

Recipe for Magic Bean chocolate cake is here; just substitute kidney beans with cannelini or butter beans and the carob with rice flour and add equiv 1 vanilla bean.

I suspect the cake was  greener than this picture suggests.

frillypants x

Lightning McQueen by Chanel


Don’t freak out!  Don’t be scared off by this one.  The bar has not been raised too high.  Chanel was inspired by a cake by Luna Cakes by Design and has used FABRIC and SCULPTING CLAY for the detail.  Clever! Here are Chanel’s instructions:
“This is two cakes,  joined with butter cream.  I used fabric for the black and white check and red ribbon round the bottom. Then I used modelling clay for the badge. I figured we wouldn’t need to eat that anyway, so this way he could keep it.  It wasn’t too tricky. I just secured the ends of the ribbon and fabric with pins (remove before eating!!) I made the logo name out of Sculpy Modelling Clay. I baked it on the outside of the empty cake tin standing up in the oven so that it would have the same curve as the cake. I used scrunched up foil to make sure the tin didn’t roll in the oven. I secured it with double-sided tape onto the fabric and a couple of pins at the bottom to support the weight.

I used Domestic Diva’s Marshmallow Fondant recipe. (I didn’t have time to follow the extra link she’d posted for extra tips on working with marshmallow fondant and found out after I’d struggled with it that you can knead water into it if it’s a bit dry. Lucky I was covering the sides of the cake in fabric!)”

Baby Cake by Cally

Baby Cake

“My daughter wanted a baby cake so I adapted one out of the Women’s Weekly birthday cake cookbook.  I made my own gluten and dairy free loaf cake.  I made a dairy free icing and coloured it with a strawberry syrup which I made, as we are ok with salicylates.  But you could use Hoppers pink or I think it would even look fine with white icing.  Then I decorated it with a baby, lace, ribbons, pipe cleaners and material.”

Recipe is in the comments.  😀

Aircraft Carrier by Cally

Aircraft carrier

“I made two square gluten- and dairy-free, caramel mud cakes and joined them together.  I then cut out the shape and iced with grey icing.  I made the grey out of Hopper’s blue food colouring and a bit of carob powder.  The track was made out of white musk sticks from Allergy Train and the numbers I made in a chocolate mould out of Nestle White Chocolate melts.  I then put Bravo and Echo from the Planes movie on top.”