Wiggles Cake and Cup Cakes by Stacie

We used a Women’s Weekly vanilla butter cake recipe using rice milk and Nuttlex as substitutes for the Emma cake. We made two cakes and cut to shape. There are endless guides on Google of how to cut a 2 shape cake.

Cupcakes were the Women’s Weekly cupcake recipe. We ordered the cupcake wrappers and toppers from eBay. Cupcakes were iced with buttercream made using Nuttlex instead of butter. We used ready-roll icing from Coles and coloured it for the bow and Wiggles decoration and just made sure nobody ate these, and my daughter’s piece was cut from the centre of the cake. The Wiggles logo was made with cutters ordered from eBay. The bow we made using heart shaped biscuit cutters and joining together in a bow shape. We had two different sizes. We also cut a little circle to wrap across the centre to hide the joins. The Wiggles figurines were from Big W and part of her toy collection. We used the ready-roll icing again as the base for these.



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