Minecraft by Rona


“The Cake is a Caramel Mud cake. I used 3 loaf tins. 2 for the base and cut one into squares to build up the terrain. My son arranged them just how he wanted them for the cake.

The Icing I made a “dairy free” butter icing“ and I added 70g of carob buttons to the sugar and blitzed it in the Thermomix together before adding the nuttelex.   Crushed up carob buttons in the Thermomix and dipped each side piece into the carob to give the terrain texture and sprinkled some along the front. The icing held all the blocks together well and kept them in place.

The Marshmallow Fondant is coloured with Hoppers natural colours green and blue to colour it (they use fruit and vegetables to colour rather than nasty numbers). I rolled out one piece of green big enough to cover the two loaf cakes and trimmed to size. The rest I cut into squares the same size as the cake blocks to place on top of them.

The Decorations My son made the Minecraft paper figures, the tree, the little white ‘cake’ on the box and the squid on the blue are all made out of paper. Steve, the creeper and the other two boxes are purchased figurines.

For the recipes and full instructions visit:  http://www.domesticdivaunleashed.com/minecraft-cake

10 in Cupcakes by Naomi


“…this is for my daughter to take to school to share. Basic chocolate cake and chocolate frosting with sprinkles from Aldi, not failsafe but it think it would be if you used carob instead of cocoa.”

Ankylosaurus by Kim

“It is just a round cake. I cut it so there was a 10cm wide strip in the middle, leaving two semi-circle edges as per picture.  The back is the 2 semi-circles standing up, then the other bits were cut out of the 7cm strip (head, tail/club, 4 legs).  Our favourite birthday cake is a white chocolate mudcake (using Nestle Milkybar block) with cream cheese frosting.  There is 2 dark chocolate eyes and a commercial lolly teeth (natural colours).  These could be done with carob icing and red-cabbage coloured icing.  The horns are made from marshmallow fondant.  (With my technical dinosaur-lover, I needed to have the right number of horns).”