Jemima by Sarah

Jemima“This one was for my younger daughter’s 2nd birthday.   Icing coloured with carob for hair, citric acid and cabbage water for overalls and egg yolk for shirt. Hoppers sprinkles for eyes.  I sort of traced around my daughter’s Jemima doll (from Playschool) and cut the cake to match as best I could.  I did make the arms and legs a bit fatter so that it would hold its form better.

The sprinkles on Jemima are home made (I must have been crazy!) I used beaten egg white and icing sugar and piped into thin lines, left out to dry overnight. The blue was coloured with cabbage water and bi carb.”

Frog Prince by frillypants

Frog PrinceFrog Prince?  The party was held at a ‘Fairy tales’  theme park. The picture I did free-hand.  At the time I used a BAD Writing Icing tube of black,  but you can use charcoal for additive-free piping.  (Check the Barbie cake by Rona on Domestic Diva Unleashed to see FABULOUS deep black icing; bad-additive-free!)  The rest of the colours I got by lots of fun experimenting with cabbage!!!  See the DIY Colours by Lesley post for full instructions.


Giraffe by frillypants

GiraffeWhy a Giraffe?  Because this birthday was celebrated at an Open Range Zoo!  I chose a picture from good old Google and used that to get the general outline of the giraffe,  using a toothpick to just ‘sketch’ on the iced cake.  I paid particular attention to getting the eye-placement right… otherwise it could have looked ridiculous.  The outline is done freehand (following the toothpick ‘sketch’) with a tube of BAD ‘Writing Icing’… (but no kids actually ate that in the end… grown ups have to fend for themselves.)  The black dots creating the shading etc are … poppy seeds!  And the giraffe’s brown spots are toffee shards.  I achieved this by just heating white sugar under a grill, on a lined tray, until it darkened and melted.  When it was cool, I broke it into rough pieces,


Moon Landing by Belinda



Peter’s Vanilla ice cream


White marshmallows

5-6 Sao Biscuits

2-3 Milk arrowroot Biscuits

3 Tbs butter

3 tbs Marshmallow Fluff


Choose a rounded bowl (one that is 2L or more capacity) and line with glad wrap

Take out ½ ice cream and put in a mixing bowl until just soft.

Crush up honeycomb and add to ice cream

Stir through ice cream, put in lined bowl and freeze

While first layer is in freezer get second ½ ice cream and put in mixing bowl to soften

Cut up white marshmallows and then stir through ice cream

Take out first layer, add second layer and put back into freezer

Crush (or use food processor) biscuits, add softened butter and fluff and combine rubbing it together with your hands.

Take out ice cream cake and put biscuit crumb on.  Spread with the back of a spoon and press down firmly.

Cover base with glad wrap and put back into freezer until it is solid.

It is best to make this 24 hours ahead of time so that it is solid when serving.  Otherwise it can melt too quickly.


We used lego and hot wheels moon buggy to decorate (My son had a great time making the bits to go on top)

Use a spoon to hollow out a few craters. I also put some silver balls on top to give it some sparkle.”