Baby Cake by Cally

Baby Cake

“My daughter wanted a baby cake so I adapted one out of the Women’s Weekly birthday cake cookbook.  I made my own gluten and dairy free loaf cake.  I made a dairy free icing and coloured it with a strawberry syrup which I made, as we are ok with salicylates.  But you could use Hoppers pink or I think it would even look fine with white icing.  Then I decorated it with a baby, lace, ribbons, pipe cleaners and material.”

Recipe is in the comments.  😀

Aircraft Carrier by Cally

Aircraft carrier

“I made two square gluten- and dairy-free, caramel mud cakes and joined them together.  I then cut out the shape and iced with grey icing.  I made the grey out of Hopper’s blue food colouring and a bit of carob powder.  The track was made out of white musk sticks from Allergy Train and the numbers I made in a chocolate mould out of Nestle White Chocolate melts.  I then put Bravo and Echo from the Planes movie on top.”

Ben and Holly’s Castle by Donna

Ben & Holly's Castle

2 x square butter cakes with pear jam in between
I used whipped cream to decorate the bottom of the cake
plus made the castle walls from melted Nestlé white choc buds
The castle pillar is buttercream icing with a pink plastic cup on top
The only non failsafe is the writing gels used to make the windows and doors
Flowers are natural colour range from Coles and silver balls are failsafe
The Ben and Holly and Gaston figurines my daughter and I made together with plasticine