Treasure Chest by Kelly

treasure chest

“Pre-bake a batch of cup-cakes (I used the “Weekly Muffins” recipe from the FAILSAFE cookbook to make gluten free and dairy free plain cup-cakes).

Ice the cakes with plain icing (nuttlex and pure icing sugar).


The coins on the top of the cakes are actually novelty plastic “gold medals” that I cut the ribbons off, bought from the party section in the supermarket.


To make the treasure chest:

Make a wash by soaking a couple of teabags in half a cup of water.  Using a new paintbrush, paint LOTS of paddle pop sticks with the tea-wash.  Once dry (or close to) repeat.  Again, and again, and again, and again… until you’re happy with the darkness of the colour.



The box I used was a small Aust. Post parcel box.  I cut the ends off the paddle pop sticks (you can leave the rounded ends on the edges as you’ll cover them later) and glued the sticks to cover the outside of the box.


To finish it off, I glued strips of black cardboard along all the box edges.  I used a hole punch to punch small circles out of bronze coloured card and glued these as “studs/nails” along the black strips.


To assemble:

I lined baking tray with oatmeal (sand) and placed the chest on top.


I used a small plastic container (upside down) in the base of the chest to sit the cupcakes on.  I then used plastic bead jewellery to drape amongst them, trailing out of the chest.


Finally, I added the remaining cup cakes “spilling” out of the chest and stuck the candles in those (probably best not to light the ones inside the box!!)”

Rollerskate by frillypants


My second daughter turned 10 this weekend and we went rollerskating for her party.  With nothing else to inspire me,  I went with a rollerskate as the decoration this year.  I found the image I wanted to use,  which I’d got just by googling ‘rollerskate template’, but I had no idea until I had the cake ready,  how to actually go about it.  In the end, I cut out the roller-skate shape and used the stencil that had created!  I just put that stencil on the cake and sprinkled on a thick layer of 100s and 1000s. (Dollar brand with no bad additives,  but still has some salicylates.)  Then I used a piping bag to create the detail with Cocoa Butter cream.  Could be carob, of course.  The wheels and eyelets I piped onto some baking paper and then refrigerated.  They’re still soft, but easier to handle to get into position without melting too quickly.

rollerskate stencil The Stencil without detail

Details piped and the best ones chosen.butter cream details

Butterfly by Kerry

“This cake was made for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Her brother is FS, so we wanted to make sure he was included.
I started with the Betty Crocker design and watched the video (
The cake is a caramel mud and the icing is standard buttercream with a hint of citric acid to cut the sweetness (it also helps brighten the food colouring). The icing was tinted with Hoppers natural colours (red, green and yellow).
The body was made with marshmallow fondant coloured with Hoppers red colouring, that was left to harden for a few days after shaping.
The sparkling sugar was made by putting regular white sugar in a zip bag with a couple drops of each Hopper food dye and shaken to coat, then I added a 1/4 tsp of corn flour to dry it out and stop it sticking. Then I left it on a tray to dry out completely.”