FAILSAFE (or close) Decorated Cakes — Home-made decorated cakes, with low salicylate, amine and glutamate, and no bad additives.

Dinosaur by Kerry

This  was made for my son’s 4th Dinosaur party this year. The design is loosely based  on the Betty Crocker cake (
I baked 2 basic round butter cakes and cut one cake in half and stood them on the board round side up, sandwiched together with some icing. I used the Betty Crocker template ( for the head and tail, but stood the head upright and used  skewers to secure it into the main cakes.
The icing is basic butter icing with Hoppers green colouring. The large spots are Nestlé white melts and the small dots are the Nestlé white choc chips. The face detail was done with a regular icing writing pen, but discarded before the cake was served.

2 replies to “Dinosaur by Kerry

    1. Hi Rosie,
      Sorry, forgot to say the feet were 2 muffins made with the same cake mixture, then cut in half ‘top-ways’, if that makes sense. Good luck creating it. Should be a huge hit!

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