Cow by frillypants

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“My brother facetiously asked if it were a wombat!  Hurrumph!!  Well I never!!!

The icing here is made of Carob & butter icing and Nestlé White Melts.  I just poured and smeared the melted white chocolate onto baking paper to get the ‘shapes’ I wanted.  The hooves are muffins, cut to shape.

For the design of the cow I was inspired by “


Dinosaur by Kerry

This  was made for my son’s 4th Dinosaur party this year. The design is loosely based  on the Betty Crocker cake (
I baked 2 basic round butter cakes and cut one cake in half and stood them on the board round side up, sandwiched together with some icing. I used the Betty Crocker template ( for the head and tail, but stood the head upright and used  skewers to secure it into the main cakes.
The icing is basic butter icing with Hoppers green colouring. The large spots are Nestlé white melts and the small dots are the Nestlé white choc chips. The face detail was done with a regular icing writing pen, but discarded before the cake was served.

Car… from a Rocket… by Jenny

This is a story of disaster and resurrection.  Phoenix from the ashes sort of stuff.  One minute you’re holding a handful of rocket crumbs and the next you’re singing “happy birthday” with a very presentable little blue car.

Jenny tells us the story of the rocket that wouldn’t…  “Well, we put two cakes together standing up and cut two wedges to put between them, then we skewered them together. Then we put two triangle shaped pieces on top, back to back and skewered them in too.  However, I think the thing was just too tall. After the icing went on we noticed it starting to tilt forward, so after a lot of laughing about how we were going to stop the cake from crashing before take off, we skewered it some more and then put it in the fridge hoping that would help stabilise it.

I then jumped on the phone to my mum for some help – she suggested putting a wedge underneath to support it. When I opened the fridge to insert the wedge it was just in time to catch a rocket tumbling into thousands of crumbs!!

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After the laughing subsided, (this was all we could do at 10:30pm) I tried to work out what I could do with the leftovers…”

Here are the instruction for the car.

“The cake was a butter cake recipe from the Additive Free Parties book.

In all, I made 3 cakes in loaf tins and put 2 of them side by side and the third on top to make the shape of the car.

Because of the broken bits of cake I used quite a few skewers to hold it all together but you may not need them .

I used our Hopper blue colour with a butter cream icing. When icing the cake I did one layer first because it was very crumby, then I put it in the fridge for a while til it set a bit and then did another layer of icing to finish it off.

The smarties are Nestle – I had planned to use the Little Gems as I did on the rocket but I used them all up on the rocket! The rest of the additions are Eskal Marshmellows, Sweet William choc buds and short bread biscuits for wheels.”

Dinosaur Cake by Sandra’s mum

“The cake is a chocolate cake with chocolate icing (but could easily be any cake with carob).  To decorate she used plastic dinosaurs and trees, which were held in place with some green icing that wasn’t eaten.  The platter she used had a blue and green pattern that just happened to suit the theme.  And to add a bit of colour some naturally coloured Smarties and Allen’s Freckles (amines and some salicylates in the colours).”


Rainbow Cupcakes by Fiona

Rainbow Cake (FS, DF & GF & SF)
I used mini patty pans AN350 from here ( as the colours were pastel so they’d match the Hoppers food dye colours the best, although for the row of orange ones I just used the normal ones from Coles as they were hidden.
I used royal icing (hint: only colour part of the icing mixture not the entire batch when doing the smaller colours, otherwise you’ll end up having to sift 3 bags of icing sugar and that takes FOREVER!).”


Construction Site by Fiona

“Construction Cake (FS, DF & GF)

Make two square cakes of different sizes (size is only dependant on how big/small you want the cake).
Icing was Vienna Icing (from Failsafe cookbook) with 2tbsp of carob powder.
I premade the cakes and kept them in the freezer, which also helps with icing them.  Place the smaller cake on top of the larger cake (any position is fine but I put it in the corner so we had 2 high walls and 2 smaller walls). Ice the entire cake.  Place rock chocolates (these are not FS) around the cake.  Place the construction vehicles on the cake.  The ‘sand’ is a couple of Mrs Cattle’s biscuits (from Failsafe cookbook) crushed up.  I just took the rocks off before I cut and served the cake (many people thought I had collected and cleaned real rocks).”