Barbie by Rona




Marshmallow fondant icing with pink Hopper colour. Piped icing detail on the skirt. Butterfly confetti decoration. Barbie fairy doll.

2 thoughts on “Barbie by Rona

    1. Here is a link for Hopper Food Colouring’s stockists. or, Click on ‘Allergy train’ on the right hand column.

      While Hopper colours are all natural, with no nasty fake additives, there are still Salicylates present. Depending on your own sensitivity, you can decide what is worth using. You might weigh up how much is used, how much will actually be consumed on the occasion or if there can be ‘uncoloured’ parts of a cake? This is the sort of internal dialogue we constantly have as failsafers, no? 🙂 frillypants x

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