FAILSAFE (or close) Decorated Cakes — Home-made decorated cakes, with low salicylate, amine and glutamate, and no bad additives.

Prank Patrol by Debbie

Prank Patrol

This is made using the ‘Never Fail Carob Cake’ recipe doubled  (page 200 of The Fed Up Cookbook).  The tweaks were gluten free SR flour, rice milk and cocoa powder.  DS9 is failsafe, gluten free, dairy free but can tolerate a low level of amines.

It was an absolute hit with all the kids.  No one had any idea and the cake tasty and moist and was demolished in no time!!!

The Prank Patrol van is a model ambulance bought at a toy store, hand painted purple with the appropriate signage found on the internet.  Similarly, Prank Patrol logo was also from the internet and downloaded.  Best thing about this was the car still is in his collection and takes pride and joy.

This cake is a great base for whatever special decorations you want to use that aren’t edible!!!

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