Kwazii by Ashley


KwazziIt’s my first ‘almost’ failsafe cake and I’m sure there will be lots to come. I’m very keen to master marshmallow fondant. 🙂

My son asked for a Kwazii cake from the Octonauts. The cake was made using the White Wings Angelic Vanilla Cake mix. The icing was vienna cream icing from the Women’s Weekly cookbooks and I used Hopper’s Natural Colours food colouring. The rest of the detail was made with fondant and wasn’t failsafe so I just avoided these parts for my son. I used natural food colouring for everything except the black parts.

Glad to help out others with cake ideas. 🙂

One thought on “Kwazii by Ashley

  1. This is such an awesome cake! I can see my kids wanting one. Octonauts are IT here at the moment. I get in trouble if I leave them playing outside and they miss it! They would probably scream with excitement if I made something like this!
    On the details, the marshmallow fondant really is worth trying and isn’t as hard as it seems! Ive done it three times now. Only hint: Dont attempt to substitute more than half the icing sugar with soft icing mixture (with cornflour)!!! LOL. Best Not ask! Lets just say it is a little dry and crumbly and “start-from-scratch-y” :-S
    For colours, you may be able to use saffron for yellow/orange if you were worried, but a few of us have had a lot of success using crushed charcoal tablets to get black. It’s more of a matte black, but it works.

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